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Accessing inform on the Demo Server

Follow the simple instructions below to access inform on our Demo Server. You may encounter a toolbar during this process asking you to download and install an Active X component; to do so, right-click on the toolbar message, select "Install Active X" from the menu, and follow the installation prompts.

You must use Internet Explorer as your browser when attempting to access inform. Other browsers do not support the Microsoft components necessary to run the program.
To download the latest version of Internet Explorer, click here.

1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to http://demo.ddisys.com/ts .

2. A window will pop-up prompting you to enter a User name and Password. This will have been provided to you by DDI.

3. This will open the Inform Demonstration page. Click on the inform icon on the left side of the screen (shown below).


4. A window will pop-up notifying you that you are starting a remote connection. Click the Connect button in this window.

5. You will be asked to verify you User name and Password again. This is the same user name and password that you used to log in initially. Once you enter this information, you will see the connection window (shown below) being to establish a connection with the server. This may take a few moments; do not close this window.


6. Once the connection is established, inform will open in a separate window on your local machine. You can then select the appropriate database from the Connections drop down menu and enter the password given to you. This password may differ from the one you used to log on to the server.

7. To log out of inform, simply click the "x" button in the upper right corner of the program. A window will pop up asking if you want to terminate the session; click the Yes button. This will close infom. Then, close your Internet Explorer browser window to end your session.